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Kitchen BillBoards

Kitchen Towel Mystery Box - 3 Pack

Kitchen Towel Mystery Box - 3 Pack

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Looking for a little surprise in the mail just for YOU! We've got just the thing! 

Let me introduce our 3-Pack Mystery Box! 📦

Sometimes we miscount when we are making out towels and end up making too many.  Which then fills our shelves with beautiful random designs that need a new home to make space for the new stuff coming! 

Each Kitchen Towel "Mystery Box" order is carefully hand picked and filled to the brim with a surprise bundle just for YOU! 

ONLY $30!  (Regular Price: $45)

Each box is different and the only guarantee is that it is going to be a fun surprise for a random day of the week when it lands at your front door!  

What's Inside:

  • Mystery Box - Pack of 3 Kitchen Towels: 3 Brand New Kitchen Billboards Kitchen Towels. Limited Quantities Available. 

**All Mystery Boxes are FINAL SALES and CAN NOT be returned.

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Customer Reviews

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A mixed bag of delights!

The trio was a surprise.BBQ towel, lovely yellow gold flowers in a vase, and a cute rolling pin & saying. They truly fill the bill for my son, daughter, and myself to go with the gorgeous serving utensils. They will receive their towels and gifts on July 4th when I use mine for our big patio bash and cookery. I'm excited already!!!