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Thanksgiving Pies - Pumpkin or Apple Swedish Dishcloth

Thanksgiving Pies - Pumpkin or Apple Swedish Dishcloth

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You have unlocked a free gift!!  Congratulations!

It's our super absorbent, clean up any spills in seconds Swedish Dishcloth Pumpkin or Apple Pies!

Forget the wasteful and "we-use-WAY-too-many" paper towels, fall in love with our reusable Swedish Dishcloths!

All natural, quick drying, antibacterial cloths that replace 17 paper towel rolls!

Our reusable paper towels are so durable and SUPER've never seen anything quite like 'em! 

Just add water and wipe away your messes.  Perfect for spills and messes of all shapes and sizes.  

Just throw them in the clothes washer for a quick clean or 40 seconds in the microwave to disinfect, and you are good to go! 

Typical towels will last over 6 months!  (Best to keep them out of the dryer though, that will just break them down a little quicker.)

  • 1 dishcloth replaces more than 17 paper towel rolls!
  • Absorbs up to 15Xs their weight! 
  • Made from 70% Wood Pulp + 30% Natural Cotton and measure 8"x7" each.
  • Colors may vary due to different screen resolution
  • Pack includes 1 of each design for a total of 3 Swedish Dishcloths

      ONLY 2 per customer please. If more than 2 are purchased only 2 will be shipped.

      Shipping cost for 1 Pumpkin Pie Swedish Dishcloth: $3.99

      Shipping cost for 2 (1 Pumpkin Pie Swedish Dishcloth + 1 Apple Pie Swedish Dishcloth): $6.99

      -- If you would like to order both, just add 2 to your cart and we'll send one of each! If you order just one, we will send you the Pumpkin Pie Swedish Dishcloth.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Love ‘em!

      I absolutely love the Swedish dishcloths. Having 2 new ones with a fall look makes me so happy!

      Laurie M.
      So Cute and Useful

      My Swedish dishcloths are pretty and useful in my kitchen! I’m so glad I gave them a try!