Make your 4th Of July Spectacular!

It was the 4th of July and it was dark...FINALLY! 🧨

My brother always comes up with the most insane (and sometimes illegal) fireworks and puts on a show that would rival Disneyland.  Okay, so maybe not THAT spectacular, but for some reason, this felt like something amazing was in store.

"Grab the guys are going to want to get behind something because this is going to be AWESOMMMME! "

Ok, let me back up a second.  So my brother has always been somewhat of a pyro, (you know, the kind of kid who loves to play with matches).  He even caught the garage on fire once using a blow torch to burn cobwebs...Long Story!

Now when it comes to fireworks, he kind of goes all out.  Which makes it amazing, but also a little terrifying.

So, there we were at my sisters house, crouching down behind the cars in the driveway, watching my brother make his way out into the middle of the cul de sac.  I still remember the excitement building, wondering what he had in store for us. 

First a flicker of light and then he started running.  In an instant, a flash that lit up the houses like noon day exploded in the middle of the street.  It took my breath away.  It was one of the most spectacular things I have EVER seen and as soon as I caught my breath, I started looking around for my brother to make sure he made it out okay. 

Phew...there he was, completely shook.  I went over and the words just couldn't come out, I was speechless, he looked at me and said...

"That is the LAST time I will EVER do that again". 

The old pyro was reformed, it only took one spectacular 4th of July illegal firework creation to scare him out of EVER making his homemade concoctions again.  But it is what makes the 4th of July my favorite holiday. 

Is there really any better thing to celebrate than our freedom, our life, our liberty and all the blessings we enjoy living here in the United States of America.  So many have fought and given all, that we might live free to say what we think, feel what we feel and do as we think is right. 

May your celebrations this July remind you of all that is grand and wonderful about the country that we live in and especially the freedoms that we enjoy! 

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