10 Things To Do In Your Kitchen Tonight to Make Tomorrow Better

Sometimes I wonder if they (you know all those evil little minions out there) could make being in my kitchen any more difficult. 🤯

I was watching an old 80s movie last night and in it the wife tells her best friend,

"I've got to run home and make something special for dinner for Jack, this morning we didn't get off on the right foot". 

  - It's just not like that anymore. 

I'm not sure when dinner time and cooking became such a hassle in our day.

Maybe our schedules have become too jam packed with activities that we feel like we don't have time?

Maybe making dinner has become so complicated that it is hard to know what we "should" and what we "shouldn't" be feeding our family, so we opt out. 

Either way, if you've been to Chick Fil A lately or [insert your fast food of choice] you know that it is becoming completely unaffordable and unhealthy. 

So, if you're ready to get back into your kitchen and commit to trying again, I just want you to know that I'm here for you! 

Join me as I too, fight the mom guilt, the health guilt and the fast food guilt and get back to the kitchen. 

If you want, let's start here👇 and then, stick with us because we're just getting started!

10 Things to Do In Your Kitchen Tonight To Make Dinner Better Tomorrow

If you're looking for a print out of this list, just click here to grab the download! 

Here's to a better day in your kitchen!


- Michelle, Owner of Kitchen Billboards

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