Why Freeze Dried Food?

If you have never heard about freeze dried foods before, don't worry!

Let me introduce you to this must-add category of food you probably haven't even considered adding to your everyday food pantry. 

In case you haven't heard, freeze dried foods are a type of preservation process that removes moisture from fresh foods, locking in their natural flavors, nutrients, and textures. Which means all the goodness that comes from eating fresh from the farm are locked in until you are ready to eat them up!

This is achieved through a unique freeze-drying technique, where food is frozen and then placed in a vacuum chamber. In this chamber, the frozen water in the food undergoes a process called sublimation, where it transforms directly from a solid to a gas, without passing through a liquid state. Which means, no more rotten produce at the bottom of your refrigerator or running out of fresh ingredients in the middle of making dinner. 

This process leaves behind freeze dried foods with an extended shelf life while retaining their original taste and nutritional value. 🍇

Which if you ask me, is the MOST amazing part - fresh fruits and vegetables that last YEARS!!  Um...YES!!

Here are some reasons why freeze dried foods are worth exploring:

1. Long Shelf Life: Freeze dried foods can last for months to years, making them an excellent option for building a well-stocked and long-lasting pantry.

2. Nutritional Retention: The freeze drying process preserves the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals of the fresh ingredients, providing you with nourishing options.

3. Convenience: Freeze dried foods are lightweight, easy to store, and require no refrigeration, making them ideal for busy lifestyles and travel.

4. Versatility: You can find a wide variety of freeze dried ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, and even full meals.

5. Reduced Food Waste: With their long shelf life, freeze dried foods help minimize food waste, allowing you to use only what you need for each meal.

6. Emergency Preparedness: Having freeze dried foods on hand provides a backup food supply for unexpected situations or emergencies.

7. Sustainable Living: By using freeze dried foods, you contribute to reducing food waste and support eco-friendly practices.

8. Quick Meal Preparation: Freeze dried ingredients simplify meal prep by eliminating the need for extensive chopping or peeling.

9. Travel-Friendly: Take freeze dried snacks on your travels or outdoor adventures for convenient and nutritious sustenance.

10. Culinary Creativity: Experiment with freeze dried ingredients to add unique flavors and textures to your favorite recipes.

Now that you've been introduced to freeze dried foods, consider exploring them as a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Whether you're looking for convenience, long-lasting pantry options, or a way to experiment with new flavors, freeze dried foods can give you exactly what you need when you need it while offering you a world of dinner time possibilities! 🍲🌽🍎

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Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables