Air Fryer Secrets: 12 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes with Their Air Fryer

"Favorite kitchen appliance?", you ask. 

Without even hesitating, "The Air Fryer! Of course!" 

I was sold on the idea when my friend was telling me how it magically crisped her breakfast tortillas without adding any extra calories.

Yep, that was the hook!  

Now, it ALL goes in the air fryer. The only thing is it feels like total guesswork when it comes to deciding the time and temperature.

So I did some research and pulled together everyone's favorite air-fryer recipes and decoded how long they'll take in your trusty air fryer! 

Just click here for that printable that you can download, print off and tape on the backside of your kitchen cabinet.

12 Mistakes Most People are Making with their Air Fryer:

But before you go, I also discovered there are some dos and don't when it comes to using your air-fryer.

Check out our list of 12 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes with Their Air Fryer below. 

1. Keep in mind that most foods will need to be flipped over half-way through cooking time. Because air fryers cook by pushing hot air down on to the food, flipping will fry the food evenly and will prevent overcooking or burning. 

2. I know it's a basket, but try to always fly your foods in a single layer - which will allow the food to cook perfectly even and crispy.  

3. Air frying for a crowd? Try prepping the food in batches for a speedy cook time when you're air frying large quantities or larger food items. 

4. Don't forget to pre-heat. It might only take 5 minutes to get your air fryer heated up, but it will make a big difference in your cooking time, especially on those nights when every minute counts. 

5. Make sure you're air fryer has 5 inches of space on all sides - you're air fryer relies on a constant flow of air to work right, so give it it's space!

6. Don't go crazy with the oil.  Most air fryers only call for a teaspoon or two of oil. Anymore, you probably aren't going to get the results you're looking for.

7. Some foods are just too light for the air fryer. Don't forget, an air fryer's moving air means that light foods could float and potentially end up getting caught in the heating coil.

8. Be sure you clean your air fryer between uses. Just use hot water with a bit of dishwashing liquid. Let the basket soak as long as it needs so you don't have as much scrubbing to do. If you notice a lot of baked on food, try using one of our scrubbies to get it cleaned up in half the time. 

9. Don't use foods that are too wet. An air fryer specializes in quickly crisping already breaded or crunchy foods, not limp, wet veggies...sorry!

10. Don't be fooled in thinking that the same rules of "done-ness" don't apply with your air fryer. Pink meat is still raw! Be sure to check the internal temperature with a food thermometer to ensure that you're not headed for cooking disaster.  

11. Practice food distancing in your fryer! If you overcrowd the basket in your air fryer, your food will not have a lot of exposed surface area. The part of your food where the hot air meets the surface of the food and any oil is where the cooking (and flavor) happens. So you would be best to spread things out and cook in batches. 

12. are going to need some! Too much is bad, but too little is too! When in doubt, give everything a light spritz of your favorite cooking oil.  Perfect to make your food more crispy and browned...the perfect combination of YUM! 

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