Cleaning Products Moms Swear By...

So, the other day, I was talking with a large group of women and we ended up on the topic of cleaning products, which seemed to strike a little bit of a nerve...

I mean, they seemed quite passionate about the topic and started rattling off brands and cleaners that I had NEVER even heard of before, and so what else was I to do? I grabbed my phone and started taking notes, of course!

AND let me tell you, these ladies DID NOT disappoint!

As I looked up from my list I decided it was just too good not to I compiled it all together for YOU and decided IT should be the next Deal Drop!!

I hope you like it!

-- OH, and an extra TIP...(this one was pretty surprising). One lady suggested to use FABRIC SOFTENER SHEETS to clean your showers… You will never go back, she doesn’t take near as much elbow grease...even with hard water build up and mold.

I know! Who would have thought! (It's just crazy enough, that I think I'm going to try it!)

Oh, and what are YOU using?? Any products YOU would add to the list?? Let us know!  Click HERE for a printable download.

Cleaning Products Moms Swear By


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