Dad's Backyard BBQ Grill Menu

We had only been dating for about a month, but it was time to meet the parents. (I know, some would say that was quick, but we were engaged about a month later!) 

We made it through the awkward hellos and introductions, the jabs by my younger siblings and now it was time to sit down to a nice dinner.  

Dinner had all my favorites...cantaloupe, watermelon, Creamy Ranch Pasta Salad and a side of nicely cooked chicken.  

I kept nervously looking over at Jefferson, making sure that he was enjoying his food as much as I was mine.  

Everything seemed okay...relief!  His plate was almost empty and so was mine, and we could finally get out of there.  We said our awkward goodbyes and started out to the car.  

"Wasn't dinner so amazing!", I said.

"...Of all the fruits out there, I hate cantaloupe and watermelon the most, and Ranch dressing is disgusting!", he said. 

I was in shock, his plate was full and then it was empty...where did it go?

His response, "I didn't want to be rude."  

I laughed (he didn't) and still laugh today, but I knew that I had a winner and like I said, 4 months later we tied the knot.

So, now we fast forward about 20 years and we are coming up on one of my favorite excuses to sneak in some more yummy Ranch Dressing and cantaloupe during our annual Father's Day Backyard BBQ!!  

In case you are looking for some inspiration for your own Father's Day Dinner, I threw together one of our typical menus with links to the recipes below....and of course, wishing you and all the amazing Dad's in your life a wonderful day full of food they LOVE!  

- Michelle


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