It's the new COOL...You want in?


Almost every day, as soon as my husband walks in the door from work, the first thing I ask him is "Did you get my email?"  

He's, you know I work all day...right!? Then he pulls it up on his phone and starts reading...

I'm starring at him waiting for him to tell me what an AWESOME idea it is...I mean, we're talking an Apron Fashion Show here, featuring THE best aprons on the whole planet!

He didn't say a thing, he just hit reply and emailed me THIS 👇👇

I would NOT! 

(I would be lying if I told you I wasn't just a little disappointed.) 

"Why?", I asked.

    "It would be so embarrassing!  I would never do that!", he replies.

"But it would be so FUN!!"

    "You can have your fun, I'm not doing it."

Okay...I get it.

✨ I mean, the last thing we all want is to put ourselves out there in such an awkward way and then sit back and wonder what everyone would be thinking.

Which is funny, because just the other day I was listening to a podcast by Brene Brown who said...

Cool is an emotional straightjacket. 🕶️

-Brene Brown


Now stop and think about how often we try and be the cool mom, the cool grandma, the cool wife, the cool friend...

It's boring. It's hard. It's NOT fun trying to be cool.

NO ONE wants a cool friend, they want the FUN, GOOFY, WEIRD, AWKWARD, QUIRKY friend that cares about them and loves them and makes things interesting.

Now, as I sit here and write this, I stop and ask myself - 

Would I be willing to strut my stuff in my kitchen showing off my favorite apron of all-time?!   

My first thought is NO WAY!

But then I remember how I'm not trying to be COOL ANYMORE! 

✨ So I am going to try it! 

I'm going to put myself out there just a little bit and see how it goes. 

I mean what is the worst thing that could happen - I just become the FUN, GOOFY, WEIRD, AWKWARD, QUIRKY Apron-wearing lady who knows how to have a GREAT TIME and not take life TOO seriously. 

I think I'm okay with that! 

I'll keep you posted...because the more I think about this Apron Fashion Show idea, I love it more and more.

So, if you want to be fun with me, let me know!  We have a few more aprons to divvy out for our First Ever Kitchen Billboards Apron Fashion Show!  (Coming this Fall in an email near you!)

I really hope to hear from you soon! 

- Michelle

PS...It's time to remember just how much FUN it is to be FUN - especially in the kitchen!

Imperfections are not Inadequacies: They are reminders that we're all in this together.

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