Your Must-Have Kitchen Companion

 How many times, if you had to guess, have you asked Alexa how many ounces were in a cup?  

  At least 100, for me!  Which is crazy.  I mean how hard is it to just remember that!

  Do fresh eggs sink or swim? Buttermilk....who has buttermilk!? 

   Before it's crunch time, download the chart that is going to bail you out time and time again!

  Bonus Tip: I like to tape mine on the inside of the kitchen cabinet so it's handy...but hidden! (If you really want to be fancy try laminating it first.)

   Be sure and download the most helpful kitchen conversion chart you've ever seen below!

  Happy Baking, 

xo, Michelle

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Best conversion chart ever. Thanks for helping me out in the kitchen.

Jefferson Langford

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