Style Your Kitchen Like a Pro in Minutes!


"How does she manage to pull it all together, the decorations, the food, the dessert...all of it, AND have her kitchen look like it was styled like a pro...and she ALWAYS seems to do it so effortlessly?" 

YES...yes...I want them to say that about me!  I want them to think that about me too...but HOW!! 

You’ll probably die when you realize that like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, you have always had the power and the perfect accessories you need to make your kitchen go from drag to amaze-ables in just a few minutes. 

So, if you’re ready to get down and dirty...meaning, crouch down to the dustiest corner of your dirtiest, lowest shelf in your kitchen hutch…(or where ever you hide all those... "I must have this punch bowl for the day that I host the wedding shower for my now 10 year old daughter”) then you have come to the right place! 

If you’re ready to transform and update your kitchen in minutes, let's get started...

  1. Cake Stands: They’re all the rage right now and when you do it right, you can add just the right amount of height and interest to any corner of your kitchen.
  2. Trays: Tiered trays are everywhere right now and rightly so, they give the feeling of organized and styled all at the same time.
  3. Vases: Bring a little life into your kitchen, with the most underused item out there.
  4. Bowls: Whether you use them to contain your produce or as a beautiful centerpiece, bowls have a way of adding interest to your shelves and can easily be interchanged as your mood changes.
  5. Wood Boards: Instantly warm up your kitchen and add a touch of nature with cutting boards.  Where you are using marble or maple, boards are not only purposeful but can be a reflection of beauty and timelessness.
  6. Canisters: Pull out those oversized kitchen utensils and show them’ll be surprised to see just how beautiful they really look when they are nicely contained in your favorite metal or glass canister.  Oh, and don’t forget about those glass’re countertop will thank you after it realizes how great they look on top. 
  7. Textiles: The perfect way to change out the look and feel of your kitchen, without spending a ton of towels.  Just be sure you are using the right ones,...yes, not all kitchen towels are created equal!  

That’s it!  Mix and match, try it here and then move it over there, until you come up with the perfect blend of magazine-worthy kitchen meets YOUR style!

Your stunning and stylish kitchen is just a few moments away!  I hope you’ll take the time to comment below and tell us how it’s all working for ya...(and extra points for posting a picture)! 

xo, Michelle

☝️ OH, I forgot...I have MORE!!  

If you’re like me, you enjoy some great tips here and there (especially when it comes to your kitchen), BUT what’s really helpful, is when you just take my hand and walk me right through the ins, the outs and the hows of it all!  You know,...what should I be putting in those kitchen bowls? How do I decorate my tiered tray and where on earth do you find kitchen towels that are the best??

So, I dug a little deeper and have put together some tips, tricks and the hows of using those 7 tools that we talked about earlier!  I want your kitchen to be the place that everyone wants to gather….because we both know, the BEST moments in life start in the kitchen!

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