Summer Sun is Coming - and it's all about YOU (or I mean, them!)

I'm always on the lookout for ways to add a little fun and sun into my kitchen...literally! 

☀️ Every morning I pull open the blinds and throw back the curtains and just take just a second to take it all in...

Until, I look at the clock and realize there is NO one else in the kitchen with me and we need to be out the door in 15 minutes.  

Back to the bedrooms for the second (and hopefully - last) round of wake up calls! 

Now, where was I...

That's right, summer - backyard BBQs, fresh fruit smoothies, potlucks, fireworks, camping, hiking, smores, friends and SO MUCH FUN! 

☀️ Summer 2021 - It's time to celebrate!! 

Our Summer Kitchen Collection has just landed in the shop and it's time to invite all the good vibes that summer has to offer in to your kitchen and start making those memories that will last long after the sunscreen has worn off. 

But before you go, I've put together a little design that celebrates the real reason behind the season...

☀️ It's your teenagers that you are running out of summers with.

☀️ Your grandkids who you just can't get enough of as you watch them carelessly running through the backyard sprinklers

☀️ Your little ones that you finally get to enjoy lazy summer days with.

Click here to download your free "You Are My Sunshine" summer printable and pop it on the fridge to remind them just how much they're loved all summer long! 

Now, let's shop summer!

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