Top 5 Freeze-Dried Foods for Busy Moms

While freeze dried foods have been around for a LONG time (remember "space food"), it's benefits and versatility are just starting to make it's way into everyday kitchens to help solve everyday cooking dilemmas for busy moms everywhere. 

What made it so great for NASA are the same things that make it ideal for using in dinner tonight! 

From it's higher nutritional content, convenience and ease of use as well as it's shelf life - around here we believe it is the missing ingredient in the what's for dinner tonight dilemma!

If you're ready to revolutionize meal prep, saving time without sacrificing quality then freeze dried ingredients should be at the top of your grocery list! 

Here's where I'd start...

Top 5 Freeze-Dried Foods for Busy Moms

1. Freeze Dried Berries!

Not only are they super nutritious, but they are already washed, rinsed, dried, sliced and ready for you to use at a moments notice. 

I'm talking breakfast parfaits on the go and late afternoon smoothies in minutes! 

Simply add your favorite berries and you're off with a healthy and nutritious meal in no time at all. 

2. Freeze Dried Vegetables (e.g., peas, corn, bell peppers)

If you're just as tired as I used to be of rotten, slimy, spoiled vegetables sitting at the bottom of your produce drawer then this is a MUST HAVE for your pantry!

From freeze dried onions (that's right, no more tears at dinner time - at least from you) to freeze dried red bell peppers on hand and ready to toss into your favorite one pot casserole or fajita recipe, dinner will be done in a hurry!

3. Freeze Dried Meats (e.g., chicken, beef)

Frozen meats eventually get freezer burn and refrigerated meats eventually start to stink and rot - but not freeze dried meats. 

They are as easy to use as the can of tuna. Simply pour the amount you need into a small dish, add just enough water to cover and give it a few minutes and your chicken is ready to heat and serve! 


4. Freeze Dried Cheese

Still creamy and still delicious, but now long lasting.

Sprinkle it on your favorite salad (no water necessary) to add a crunchy and healthy flare to your favorite salad or toss it into your favorite sauce to add a cheesy delight!

5. Freeze Dried Herbs and Spices:

Not only are freeze dried ingredients more nutritious, but their flavor and aroma is enhanced making freeze dried spices and herbs way better than their dried counterpart.

Herbs may be added near the end of cooking for more distinct flavor, or at the beginning for more blended flavors.

Just be aware you might not need as much as you usually do when using freeze dried herbs and spices because they are more potent and flavorful!

As you can see there are so many benefits to using freeze dried ingredients and we have just barley scratched the surface. 

Why not start incorporating these into your daily cooking for quicker cooking and healthy meals! 

If you're looking at a great place to grab some freeze dried ingredients THIS is where I recommend.

If you're looking for some guidance, take a look at our "Freeze Dried Food Ingredients Guide" ebook to get you started!

In the meantime, don't forget how easy, efficient and healthy your cooking can be with these Top 5 Freeze Dried Foods For Busy Moms.

  1. Freeze Dried Berries
  2. Freeze Dried Vegetables
  3. Freeze Dried Meats
  4. Freeze Dried Cheese
  5. Freeze Dried Herbs and Spices

Still have questions or looking for more information, just reach out! 

I'm always happy to answer questions! 

xoxo, Michelle, your freeze dried foodie friend 

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