Will You Pass the Vintage Cooking Quiz?

Are you a Vintage Kitchen Genius or a Takeout Trendsetter?

Let's test your knowledge about Vintage Kitchen facts and figures with this short 10 question quiz and find out!

Question 1:
What was the revolutionary baking ingredient introduced in the 19th century that helped cakes and pastries to rise without yeast?

A) Baking soda
B) Sugar
C) Eggs
D) Flour


Question 2:
In the 1950s, what type of dinner became popular in the US, symbolizing convenience and the rise of television culture?

A) BBQ dinners
B) TV dinners
C) Candlelight dinners
D) Picnic dinners


Question 3:
Which famous chef said, "The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude."?

A) Julia Child
B) James Beard
C) Gordon Ramsay
D) Anthony Bourdain


Question 4:What is the term for the method of preserving food in jars, popularized in the 19th century by Nicolas Appert?

A) Fermentation
B) Freezing
C) Canning
D) Pickling


Question 5:
In the early 20th century, what kitchen item became essential for standardized measurements in cooking, thanks to Fannie Farmer?

A) Measuring cups
B) Thermometers
C) Scales
D) Timers


Question 6:
Which kitchen appliance, invented in the 1940s, became a household staple by the 1970s for its quick cooking times?

A) Blender
B) Microwave oven
C) Food processor
D) Toaster


Question 7:
"Bon appétit" was the signature sign-off of which culinary icon?

A) Betty Crocker
B) Julia Child
C) James Beard
D) Martha Stewart


Question 8:
What cooking technique involves cooking food slowly in a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pot?

A) Baking
B) Frying
C) Braising
D) Grilling


Question 9:
Which of the following was a popular phrase in the 1920s-1930s that indicated something was excellent or high-quality?

A) The cat's pajamas
B) Cool beans
C) Far out
D) Groovy


Question 10:
In the 19th century, what cooking surface became popular for its even heating and versatility, still cherished by chefs today?

A) Non-stick skillet
B) Cast iron skillet
C) Copper pan
D) Stainless steel pan



(answers are below)







  1. A) Baking soda
  2. B) TV dinners
  3. A) Julia Child
  4. C) Canning
  5. A) Measuring cups
  6. B) Microwave oven
  7. B) Julia Child
  8. C) Braising
  9. A) The cat's pajamas
  10. B) Cast iron skillet

How'd you do?

Congratulations on completing our Vintage Cooking Tips and Tricks Quiz! 🎉

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