Christmas Countdown Day 1

It's Day 1

Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar
Because all good things start with a helpful tip, and we are just getting started, here's one for you!
    👩‍🍳  Christmas Cooking Tip - Don't put a hot glass dish on a wet surface. Or, a hot pan on a glass table. OR, hot liquid into an actual glass. It will shatter, and make a big ol' mess (unless of course it's Pyrex glass -- that's been created to withstand heat).
(This actually happened to me last really was a mess!)
Now, here's what we've got for you today! It's a PRINTABLE Advent Countdown Calendar!
Print your own Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar and follow along all month long!  Perfect to slide into any 8 1/2"x11" frame or print out and hang on the fridge!  👇 
Click here to download the PDF.
Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar
Before you go, I know that keeping all those gifts straight is a HASSLE and a half!
I mean Black Friday just came and went and I'm still not sure what I bought! 
But not this year! Click here to download our printable Christmas Gift List Planner to keep all those packages coming through the door straight...(and to make sure you don't miss anyone on your list...I did that once too)!  😉
Christmas Gift List Planner
Wishing you a Happy Christmas Kitchen all season long!  
See you in your inbox tomorrow!
- Michelle
Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar