Christmas Countdown - Day 15

It's Day 15

You know, there are a LOT of bad ideas out there. 

Like this one, which also happens to be one of our 👩‍🍳 Holiday Baking Tips: Never mix water and hot oil. Bad things will happen and you could get seriously burned.

     But you know what is NOT a bad's our monthly Towel of the Month Box

It's a surprise every month delivered right to your front door!  Plus, we've now got pre-paid 3 month boxes, 6 month boxes and even 12 month boxes! 

Everyone is loving them for birthday and wedding gifts, a new student gift, housewarming gift or even just a thinking about you gift! 

So, if you are struggling trying to figure out what to give that hard-to-buy-for person on your list, this just MIGHT be the thing for you! 

Learn more about it here

 In the meantime, if you're still having a hard time coming up with those last few gifts, here's a fun list of 37 ideas that might get those ideas flowing!  I even have #6 and I LOVE it!

You don't want to resort to this👇 me! 

See you in your inbox tomorrow!
- Michelle
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