Christmas Countdown - Day 18

It's Day 18

👩‍🍳 Holiday Baking Tip: Never scrape your knife against a cutting board to move food off of it. It'll dull the blade faster than you can say whoops.

  Speaking of knives, did you know you are supposed to "hone" your knife each time before you use them...AND that "honing" your knife is different than sharpening them?  

Here's a short little clip I found if you are wondering the right way to go about honing your knife...  🔪

  PS --> That's what the long sword looking thing is insider your knife kit. (In case you are like me, and always wondered!)

OH, and if you're wondering what knives you REALLY need in your kitchen, take a look at this PDF I put together for you and then go ahead and get rid of the ones you don't need! 

Happy Christmas Countdown Day 18

See you in your inbox tomorrow!

- Michelle

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