Christmas Countdown - Day 8

It's Day 8

Cookies, cakes and casseroles (and 25% off!) many tasty things coming out of the oven!  Just make sure you never use wet oven mitts to handle hot pots or pans.  Heat transfers a lot faster through wet cloth than dry ones.

     👩‍🍳  Speaking of hot pots,... do you know what makes a great oven mitt? Flour Sack Towels!!  Just fold them over a few times and go for it! 

In fact, there are TONS of uses for flour sack towels besides the dishes and oven mitts. 

I put together some great ways to use your flour sack kitchen towels that you might not have thought about before. 👇👇

Be sure you let me know which ones your most excited about...(yes, it's okay to get excited about your kitchen towels, you know I do! )

And, if you haven't given away those towels you purchased as neighbor gifts, feel free and print out this little graphic below and attach it with your gift card (they will feel so spoiled!)

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Now back to what makes our flour sack towels great gifts... - Click here for the printable version.

18 Ways to Use Your Flour Sack Towel

Are you surprised?  So many reasons to LOVE flour sack towels!

Happy Day 8!  See you in your inbox tomorrow!

- Michelle


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