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Greatest Show On Earth - Flour Sack Towel

Greatest Show On Earth - Flour Sack Towel

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Growing up my mom would always say that it felt like a three-ring circus in our house and she was the ringleader! 

Which was the inspiration behind this towel.

--> Kids coming and going, the house looking like a cyclone hit and you the Ring Master of the whole thing! 

Growing up (and especially now) I appreciate that she didn't take things too serious. 

Whether you're in the phase of life where you find yourself knee deep in circus life or you're longing for the loud, crazy days that are long gone. 

-- there's always time to enjoy and remember the circus!  Because it's YOUR circus and YOU are the ringleader of the Greatest Show On Earth!

Enjoy Your Circus!


Grab your Circus Towel today and then sit back and just enjoy the show!

Plus, our flour sack towels are made of a thicker, re-useable 100% pure premium cotton, which even makes them more absorbent than other towels on the market.

Grab yours before they're gone!

 4 Favorite Ways to Use Your Flour Sack Towel

(Do your other towels do that?)

1- Dry dishes and cutlery – Finally a lint free experience when drying glasses and other dishes.

2- Streak free windows - Save those paper towels for another day, grab your flour sack towel and your favorite window cleaner and start enjoying beautiful windows and mirrors all over your home. 

3- Potholder or oven mitt – It's already hanging right there looking SO fun in your kitchen...go ahead and fold it into quarters or half, because they work perfectly for protecting your hands.

4- Clean salad – run greens and herbs under water, lay out flat and roll them in the towel and this will absorb all the moisture in the salad. 

amazing flour sack towels for your kitchen

Fit & Material: 

      • Thicker & Absorbent, 100% Pure, All-Natural Ring Spun Cotton - Because unlike towels at department stores, our cotton towels LOVE water and just can’t seem to get enough!
      • Artwork is digitally printed into the towel and commercially manufactured and packaged and ready for display in your kitchen! 
      • Oversized 28” x 28" - Because drying BIG dishes with SMALL towels is THE WORST!  
      • Designed and shipped in USA - Manufactured in India
Flour Sack Kitchen Towels are 100% Cotton, Absorbent, Extra Large, Colorful

Grab your Flour Sack Kitchen Towel before they're gone. 
Limited quantities available.
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