What WOULD Martha Stewart Say About Your Kitchen? Let's find out...

So.... Just How Functional Is YOUR Kitchen?

That is the question we're asking today!

And all you have to do is take our quick, fun quiz to find out. 👇🏻

Discover how you can transform your kitchen into a streamlined, efficient space, even on a budget.

With actionable tips and a touch of humor, see where you stand and how you can improve.

          ✴️ Ready to make your kitchen work for you?

Scroll down to start the quiz and take one step closer to your Functional Kitchen and your Forever Pantry - that even Martha Stewart would be proud of! 🍴✨

(Don't forget to check out our Functional Kitchen Challenge - Give me 5 minutes and 14 days and let's see what happens next...)

 How functional is your kitchen? Take the quiz.

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"Martha Stewart's Ultimate Kitchen Functionality Test"

Instructions: Ever wonder how your kitchen efficiency measures up? Take this delightful quiz, inspired by Martha herself, to discover the elegance and practicality of your culinary space. Remember, every kitchen has room for improvement and grace!

Grab a pencil...

  1. When preparing a meal, how easily can you locate your needed tools and ingredients?

    • With graceful ease, every time (2 points)
    • Occasionally, with a slight pause for thought (1 point)
    • It often feels like a treasure hunt (0 points)
  2. Does your kitchen boast designated areas for your culinary essentials?

    • Indeed, everything has its proper place (2 points)
    • For the most part, though some items wander (1 point)
    • Alas, my essentials are as free-spirited as I am (0 points)
  3. Reflect on the last occasion you decluttered your pantry or cabinets.

    • Within this season, keeping everything fresh and orderly (2 points)
    • It's been a moment, perhaps last year? (1 point)
    • Time escapes me; it’s a forgotten task (0 points)
  4. Are your countertops a haven of space or a haven for items seldom used?

    • A clear expanse, save for a few select, beautiful pieces (2 points)
    • A moderate collection of decorative and useful items (1 point)
    • A crowded gathering of gadgets and gizmos aplenty (0 points)
  5. The state of your utensil drawers: chaotic jumble or neatly organized?

    • A vision of order, with dividers and organizers (2 points)
    • A bit mixed, but I know where everything lies (1 point)
    • A jumble, but somehow, it works (0 points)
  6. Accessing your cookware: a simple task or a clattering adventure?

    • As seamless as a well-rehearsed dance (2 points)
    • Sometimes smooth, occasionally a ballet of clanks (1 point)
    • A rummage through the depths is often required (0 points)
  7. Is meal planning a part of your weekly ritual?

    • Absolutely, it’s the secret to my culinary success (2 points)
    • Now and then, when time allows (1 point)
    • I prefer the spontaneity of the moment (0 points)
  8. Do items unused for over a year linger in your kitchen?

    • No, I curate my kitchen with intention (2 points)
    • A few sentimental or specialized pieces (1 point)
    • Indeed, treasures from meals past (0 points)
  9. How often do duplicates find their way into your shopping cart?

    • Rarely, as I keep a meticulous inventory (2 points)
    • Occasionally, a surplus happens (1 point)
    • More often than I’d like to admit (0 points)
  10. Your system for leftovers: nonexistent or finely tuned?

    • A place for everything, and everything in its place (2 points)
    • A work in progress, but improving (1 point)
    • Leftovers? They fend for themselves (0 points)
  11. Your kitchen cleaning supplies: tucked away yet accessible?

    • Precisely where they should be, out of sight (2 points)
    • Around, though not as hidden as I’d prefer (1 point)
    • Accessible, yes. Organized, debatable (0 points)
  12. Does your kitchen space evoke a sense of calm and control?

    • It is my sanctuary of serenity and creativity (2 points)
    • Mostly, though at times it feels a bit stirred (1 point)
    • More often a whirlwind than a calm breeze (0 points)


20-24 Points: A Kitchen of Elegance: Martha would be proud! Your kitchen is a paragon of functionality and style. There's always room for a new project or a refined touch, though!

10-19 Points: A Promising Canvas: Your kitchen shows great potential. With a few Martha-inspired adjustments, you'll enhance its charm and efficiency.

0-9 Points: A Martha Stewart Makeover Awaits: Every kitchen has its quirks, but with a touch of Martha's wisdom, yours can transform into a functional masterpiece.

Whether your kitchen points to form and function or there's still plenty of room for improvement, our Functional Kitchen Challenge could give you just the boost and tweaking that you need to take your kitchen game up a notch. 

✨ Here's what Wendy said after just Day 1 on the 14 Day Functional Kitchen Challenge... 

Day 1 of the Functional Kitchen Challenge

It's actually pretty fun too!

I send you a 5 minute task a day and even a prize at the end of the 2 weeks!

Find out more by clicking here.

OH...and don't forget to leave your score in the comments below. Let's see how you did! 

xoxo, Michelle

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