Christmas Countdown - Day 6

It's Day 6

Who's up for a little guessing game!?!?

👇 👇

Can You Guess Game, Cooking, Kitchen Towels, Flour Sack Towels

👩‍🍳  --> Don't stir it.  It should be left to cook undisturbed for best results.  



Could be SO MANY things!!

Give up? know the answer!  

What is it?!?!? 
  🏆  Email me and tell me, I'm picking a winner from everyone I hear from!


You Guessed IT!! 🍚

     👉  Don't forget to email me your answer! Just email and put "RICE" in the subject line to be entered! 

Christmas Rice

OH!! I almost forgot, looking to stay warm this winter? 

My kids and I make rice packs every easy and a fun little thing!  Here's a link so you can see how to make them yourselves!

And, doesn't that Christmas Rice dish look amazing up there?! Click here for the recipe. 
See you in your inbox tomorrow!

- Michelle



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